How do I know my size?

Castelli is usually a size larger for all of us. Alastair is XL but 2XL in Castelli.
BruceH had a Fireflies West party and fitting session on Sunday the 21st on August a lot of the LAX riders were there and can tell you about sizing.



When do I have to order by?

Ordering will close by the end of August 2016. NOW EXTENDED by one week to the SUNDAY the 4th of September

Is any of the cost of the items going towards the club or tour?

Great question, there is a small amount $3-$8 per item being added to each item. We are aiming to donate as much as we can after clearing club costs. That will go for everything we do and like now we will always try and be clear to what and why we are doing things.

When will I get it?

Castelli is predicting the start of November.

Will you ship to London and elsewhere?

Castelli said they can.

Do I have to be a member of the FFCC to buy?

Yes but there are exceptions: if you are riding the West Coast tour for the first time we will waive the membership fee of $50. We will continue to do this for all virgin flies in their first year. We will collect the membership fees very soon.

When will you offer another order/design?

As soon as people want one. Most of the pieces have a minimum order number of 10 pieces (in any size and gender), as long as there are 10 people who want something we will look to organize it.

What happens if there aren’t 10 orders?

Castelli said we will refund the money if charged but there maybe other options if there are 8-9 orders...

Why Castelli?

By ordering through the folks at Castelli we get a great deal and also support the Tour by driving more jerseys through them we keep the overall cost of all Castelli kit very low.

Who is running the club now?

There are a few of us volunteers right now, we are looking to get an election of club official positions going soon.

Who can stand for titles/roles?

Anyone who has ridden a Fireflies tour. Watch your inbox.